I am an actor with 6 years of training in Shakespearean, Existential, and contemporary acting forms. A performer, who has performed a number of Stage Plays including Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Metamorphosis, Andha Yug, Waiting for Godot, Ramleela(Indian Folk Theatre form) to name a few. Worked as a Mentor for community theatre workshops for NZCC, Chandigarh, India and School of Public Health, PGIMER, Chandigarh, India. Performed over 1000 street plays for the Department of Environment, Yuvsatta(N.G.O.), Department of Water, PGIMER, and so on. Conducted various theatre workshops for underprivileged children of sector-25, Chandigarh. Worked as an actor in various documentaries for PGIMER, a short film named Faqueer produced by Legato Pictures and an unreleased feature-length film named Ghaaswali produced by Rudra Theatre Company.

IG – @kalra.rishab21

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